Welcome to Translation Cloud™

Translation Cloud is the 21st century cloud based factory, where people work as language translators in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and other languages. Everyone who is fluent in at least two languages and has a desire to earn side cash may sign up. It's FREE. All you need is to have a valid facebook account and to pass a language proficiency test.
Brought to you by industrialists from Translation Cloud LLC, a US based translation company!

How Does It Work?

All the work is performed on the website. Once you add the Translation Cloud app to your Facebook account and log in, you can start correcting short segments of text. Some segments will require editing while some will be already correct. You need to review each and every segment carefully and make sure it is correctly translated. If you translate the text correctly you will earn money (in U.S. dollars). You can also volunteer your time and proofread segments for free.

Our translator ranking system is based on our proprietary "TranslationRank" algorithm. It is designed to evaluate the performance of every translator and catch bad translators and cheaters. Translators who are found to be cheating are banned from our system and their names are added to the Translator Blacklist at Cheating Translators.

You work hard, you get paid. It's that simple! Together, we'll translate the entire world's content, one sentence at a time!

Alex Buran
Translation Cloud LLC

Instructions & FAQ

View the full Instructions & FAQ here, or watch the video below for a quick start.