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To celebrate the launch of Translation Cloud API version 2.0, we are offering a $100 credit for everyone who signs up before March 1, 2015! So that means your first $100 worth of translations completed using the API is on us! This is the perfect opportunity to try it out for free with no obligation to continue using it if you don't want to.

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4. Try it out!

Read up on our tutorials and API documentation and see just how easy it is!

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What is the API?

The Translation Cloud API essentially puts all the capabilities of a full translation company in the palm of your hands.


How is it used?

General information, what the Translation Cloud API can offer you as a developer, and a typical workflow.


Function Reference

Each function available through the API, acceptedted parameters, data returned, and example requests and responses.


Standard Workflow

You send a document via a request to the Translation Cloud API.

Translation Cloud parses the text into separate segments.

You get a word count and pricing options and proceed at will.

Translators translate, review, and edit the text as requested.

Translation Cloud adds the translations back into your file.

You download the completed file in its new language.